I invite you to delve into my history, and hopefully, my future. From a young age I excelled at all creative aspects of school and I realized early on that this is where I needed to focus my energy. I like to think my parents set the tone for my life when they gifted me my distinct name (I hope I have made them proud). Ever since I can remember, I have always loved working with my hands, creating somethings from nothing, whether it be baking a cake, planting a garden or building a beautiful piece of art from reclaimed wood. Not only have I always had a creative passion, but I found that I am also quite good at anything that requires the use of my hands and applying my creative instincts. Following a career as a successful hairstylist for almost two decades, I was desperate for a change. On somewhat of a whim, and with the loving support of my husband, I quit my job and took a couple woodworking courses and it was then that I knew: This. Is. It. I decided to dedicate my life to woodworking and creating unique custom designed pieces.

It brings me great pleasure to create unique items for other people. The gratification I receive when I see how happy my creativity has made someone else is a big part of why I love this work. Thank you for stopping by – Please explore my site at your leisure. I look forward to creating something beautiful for you.